Wac Arts College Christmas Sharing


After a successful first term, the students at Wac Arts College had their Christmas sharing. The sharing included the Pre 16’s Digi Arts Slideshow where the students put together their own adverts using Stop Motion Animation which was compiled with their own Music Tech work. The Pre 16’s also created their own Hip Hop Music Carol which combines the work they have been doing in Drama, Music Tech, Dance, and Vocals to create a fully realised and extremely fun performance. The Post 16’s shared their work in Drama and Vocals. In Drama this term, the Post 16’s have been working on performing a text, characterisation and improvising from a stimulus while the Vocal group have been working on a group performance of Dirty Diana as well as their own pieces including Reinvent the Wheel, an original piece written and performed by Kianja Harvey-Elliot.

This term also included students working on a number of other projects on subjects including Music Tech, Maths, English, Humanities, and Video. In Music Tech Pre 16’s made music to accompany their digi arts “Surge” energy drink adverts while the Post 16’s created music exploring genre this term. In English the students continued to work towards their GCSE by studying Of Mice and Men, creating their own Children Stories and Speaking and Listening Presentations. Students have also been working through their GCSE work in Maths by doing mock papers in preparation for their exams next year. In Humanities, the students have started their enquiry reports that will also go towards their GCSE. In Video the Post 16’s worked on creating their own short film which will be shown sometime this year.

The sharing was enjoyed by a full theatre of supporters, everyone was blown away by the focus, talent and the clear hard work these young people have put into their first term as students at Wac Arts College. We have been so impressed with their progress and look forward to working with them in the New Year!