Touching the Void – Review by Tim Siddique

Touching the Void is a play written by David Greig, based on the book by Joe Simpson. It is about two hikers who were friends and they go on an adventure into the Peruvian Andes.

What I liked about the play is that there was good story telling. I have also seen the documentary version of it which I enjoyed, they were both powerful because it’s based on a true story and true events and obviously you feel the emotion because you see that the friend didn’t want to cut the rope, but had to because it was pulling him and they would have both fallen and died.

It had some extremely emotional moments, if the rope was dragging on me I wouldn’t have much choice but to cut it off, but I wouldn’t want to jeopardise a good friends life, like Simon had to, I would be feeling guilty and sad and depressed like him.

During the play the I liked how they used rhythm and musicality, for instance they said the words ‘hit-hit, kick-kick and pull-breath’ to create the impression I loved the part when they used a pre-recorded whooshing sound, it created the atmosphere of time stopping, the actors were so absorbed in their roles, you could see it in their faces as they reversed back in time using their bodies to go with the flow.

The fake snow made me feel like I was in that weather, in the environment. They also used Ultra-violet light to create a cold atmosphere and they wore mountain hiking costumes and had climbing equipment with them, they used the stage in an open way which they maneuvered around. They had a symbolic plastic mountain which they climbed on top of, it didn’t feel believable at first, but the acting did it was believable, the whole thing felt believable, I thought the whole play was phenomenal.

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