A New Beginning – a poem by one of our new students

This is a poem one of our new students wrote at the end of induction week… It perfectly encapsulates what we’re all about.

A New Beginning

A new beginning is a very delicate time us students gotta try and combine
our skills and our minds
to excel in this life
everyone gotta overcome
the struggle of starting anew
if you want your dreams to become true we gotta power through
me and you
Monday to Sunday
summer to winter
one day
some day
we all gonna be winners
we in a place to be heard
above the worlds absurd
thoughts about how society
should run and should be
do you remember your first day of school? i mean like primary school
thrown into the unknown
feeling all alone
well now we’re all just a stones throw from that sort of feeling
new people
new building
new sense of meaning
there is no limit
aim high
higher than the ceiling
don’t shut your creative potential
in a locked box
express it
free it
hit that drum kit
perform your drama skit
dance your dance
move your feet to the beat
new beginnings are bit mad you know they’re never plain
what I’m tryna say
is in a couple weeks or days
we all gonna find our way
this new beginning
is a very delicate time
but I’m pretty sure we're all gonna be alright.

Voices - poetry by Wac Arts College

If you liked this you can also by a short book of our students poetry on Amazon. Written by our students and in collaboration with Anthony Anaxagorou and Lauderdale House.